My Story
as Front End Developer

Web Dev has gone far beyond solely HTML & CSS, with lot of new technologies and frameworks that together create beautiful web designs with rich Typography, Graphic and User Experience. I love creating responsive websites meticulously designed for each project.

I use Grunt as primary task runner to quickly optimize source code and minify files. I love GitHub , a distributed revision control to keep track on my source code and effectively share with peers whenever needed. I also use preprocessor compiler for SASS, opening doors to Bourbon, Neat, Bitters & Refills

Web Hosting, FTP, Managing personal email accounts & custom error redirects are some of the other things that I incorporate in my projects.

Great content and design doesn't yield Audience, that's why I create webstites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your business is not lost deep amongst the search engines. Keeping track of your visitors can yeild vital information about your perspective clients, for that I rely on Google-Analytics & Heap Analytics to better understand my audience.

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