Couple of my research papers in the fields of VLSI and Embedded Systems.

Easy Go - Automated Toll Collection System using RFID backscattering and Cloud Based Server

Going on Highways, we tend to spend much more time waiting at the toll booth queue and some more, to pay the toll tax manually. An Automated toll Collection system would eliminate these drawbacks and facilitate a speedy transport. Our Project focuses on an automated toll collection system using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and is based on concepts of embedded systems. RFID technology is an “Automated Data Collection” technology. The technology uses Radio Frequency to transfer data between the reader and a movable item that has been installed with a RFID tag. Each RFID tag will have a unique electronic code called as “Tag’s Identification number”. RFID tags consist of RFID chip along with the antennas which are required to increase the range of the RFID chip. RFID chips don’t have their own source of power. Passive RFID chip harness energy from nearby radio transmitter device called as “RFID reader” which will read the unique ID of the RFID tag and store it in the computer. RFID technology is fast and does not require physical sight or contact between reader and the tagged item. In the proposed system, RFID tags will be mounted on the windshields of vehicles, these tags will be read by RFID readers which will be interfaced using Atmega64 microcontroller. Data information is exchanged between the motorists and toll authorities, thereby enabling a more efficient toll collection by reducing traffic and eliminating possible human errors. Also the proposed system will be postpaid wherein the toll tax is added to the user’s account and the respective bill will be generated on a monthly basis and sent to the user, analogous to the traditional credit card system.

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